At Kaufmann Property Management it is our goal to provide you with safe clean housing. In
order to accomplish this we will need your cooperation. This is especially true when it comes to
pests who desire to share your home with you. According to the lease you signed, it is primarily
your responsibility to deal with pests including ants, bugs, spiders, roaches and other pests. We
are here to offer information, advice and other resources to help you ‘evict’ your unwanted

All living things need food and water. The first thing you can do to discourage pests is to make
sure you are not providing an ideal environment. Keep your food in sealed containers. Check
for leaks under sinks and in baths and laundry areas. Be sure to report any leaks to our office.
Make sure you clean up spills immediately and wipe up any grease on your stovetop and sides.
You may not be able to completely eliminate the food supply, but you need to keep it minimal to
avoid providing a breeding ground for unwanted pests.

Ants, bugs, spiders– There are products available at your local grocery or hardware store to
help you keep these pests under control. Be sure to use these products according to instructions
on the label.

Roaches– If you live in a multi-family dwelling we will help you deal with roaches by providing
a professional exterminator to bait your residence. It is important that you do not use any over
the counter products while the bait is in use. It is also important to keep all areas clean during
this time so that roaches will be drawn to the bait.
If you live in a single-family house we can assist you as well, however there may be a charge
associated with the service.

Mice– Mice tend to show up when the weather gets colder. If you come to our office we will
provide poison or glue boards as a service to you. However, poison will not be very effective if
there is other food available. Make sure all your food is either in sealed containers or in
cupboards out of the reach of mice. Also keep all your garbage in containers with lids that
prevent mice from getting in.

Traps are the most effective way of eliminating mice. You can purchase inexpensive disposable
traps at the grocery, hardware or a dollar store. Some of these are specifically designed for easy
setting, and some even come pre-baited. For non-baited traps put a little flour or peanut butter
on the bait holder prior to setting the trap. Place traps along a wall or behind an appliance where
you see mice run. Keep all traps and poison out of reach of small children and warn older
children of their danger.

If you notice a small hole where mice are entering, place some steel wool in the hole to plug.
This will discourage their entry because mice cannot chew through the steel wool.

Bed Bugs– Bed bugs have recently made a resurgence in our area and around the country. They
can become a big problem if not dealt with in short order. It can be quite a hassle and
expensive to get rid of them, so it is important to know how to avoid getting them in the first

The most common way for bed bugs to come into your home is to be inadvertently carried in.
Used furniture obtained from someone who has bedbugs is probably the main way that they
spread. They can also hitch a ride into your home in your luggage after you have stayed in a
house or hotel that has the problem.

If you find that you have bedbugs let us know as soon as possible. We can help you get rid of
them, however there will be charges and we will require your cooperation in the process.