Bed Bugs

There are several ways in which dwellings can become infested with bedbugs. One
common way is for them to be picked up while traveling or when staying at temporary
lodging such as hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, or motels—which are places that have been
traditionally associated with an increased risk for housing bedbugs due to their higher
rate of turnover and continual influx of temporary residents.

Bedbugs can also be picked up inadvertently through bringing infested furniture or
contaminated, used clothing into a household. Though such furniture does not necessarily
have to have been previously owned or discarded—as even brand new furniture can be
exposed to bedbugs during storage or in delivery vehicles. Nor do the used clothes have
to be clothing that had been previously obtained through borrowing, secondhand
purchase or through donation — since any exposed and unwashed apparel is capable of
transferring bedbugs. Toys such as stuffed dolls or other bedroom items can be infested
as well.

Information on how to avoid getting them and what to do if you have them.

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