Renters Insurance

According to the lease between you and Kaufmann Property Management, you are responsible for any damage to the property caused by you or your guests. You are also responsible for any broken windows and doors whether caused by an occupant or guest and for any damage caused by burglary or other criminal acts.

We strongly recommend that you purchase renters insurance to protect yourself in case something would happen that could otherwise cause you severe financial difficulty. For example, if you, one of your children or one of your guests accidentally start a fire in your home, you will be held liable for any damages to the property. In addition, you may be held responsible for injury caused by the fire to any person including guests and neighbors. These types of damages and injury can possibly result in costs that exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

You can purchase a policy that will give you liability protection as well as protection for your personal belongings, for less money than you might have thought. Rates vary according to the amount and type of coverage but can be as low as $0.37 per day. You can find an insurance agent in the yellow pages or Google ‘renters insurance’ for potential carriers. Your auto insurance carrier is also a good resource for purchasing renters insurance and you may even be eligible for discounts.


  • We may allow pets in some of our apartments and homes.
  • We will need current landlord references.
  • You will be charged a pet fee of $150.00 per pet.  This fee is NOT REFUNDABLE and there will be additional charges for any damage caused by your pet.  There is also a monthly pet charge in addition to your rent.

Pest Control

  • The tenant is responsible to keep the premises free of pests including bed-bugs, mice, and other animals. This includes keeping your home clean and free of garbage, which attracts many pests.

Housing Authority/ Section 8

  • We no longer accept Section 8 on apartments or homes.


  • We will charge a damage deposit/cleaning fee for each unit rented. If you have good landlord references, you will be charged the special deposit. If you have questionable or no recent landlord references, we will charge you the regular deposit equal to a full month’s rent.
  • Deposits are held to protect the property owner from damages including uncleanliness. You are responsible for damage done by yourself and others while you are leasing the unit. If you fulfill your lease, clean your unit to its original condition and there are no damages, your deposit will be refunded in full.
  • Deposits are the only payment available for refund according to the above policy. Rent, pet fees, late charges and all other money received is non-refundable.

Viewing Apartments and Homes

  • You may view available units during regular business hours. Bring a state-issued ID and $20 for a key deposit. When you return the key we will refund your key deposit. Please return the key within 1 hour.
  • Apartments and Homes are rented as is unless you are informed otherwise.

Application Fees and other Requirements

  • Application fee- $20 per family.
  • We require a state-issued ID at the time of application.
  • We need an Application for everyone over 18 who will be staying there more than 10 days in any 6-month period.
  • Your application may be denied if we find any information to be inaccurate.
  • We will check your civil and criminal records.
  • We will check landlord references and verify your employment/income.

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