To make your dwelling more comfortable:

  • Check your temperature – you can get a cheap thermometer at almost any store or purchase one at our office. If your temperature says it is below 70 degrees in your apartment, give us a call and we will send maintenance out to investigate.
  • Check all your windows and make sure they are closed and latched properly. If you have storm windows, make sure they are closed also. ┬áKeep your door closed except when entering or leaving your dwelling.
  • Remove any air-conditioning units that are not permanently installed. Permanently installed A/C units are installed in the wall, not in a window. Units installed in a window are not insulated adequately for winter weather. Please keep in mind that Kaufmann Property A/C policy states that any rent adjustment for A/C will remain in effect until the unit is removed in the fall.
  • Wear layers of clothing such as long pants and a tee shirt under another long sleeve shirt and perhaps a sweater if needed. In the winter in Indiana you cannot expect to feel warm if you are not wearing enough clothing.
  • Make sure all registers, cold air returns or radiators re clear of obstructions.