Kaufmann Property Management

Kaufmann Property Management has been managing residential homes and multi-family
apartments over 30 years. Our services include screening tenants, collecting rents,
overseeing maintenance and repairs, overseeing payment of bills associated with your
property and hiring collection agencies when required.

At Kaufmann Property Management we take a long-term approach to managing property.
As a result of this thinking we will encourage you to make repairs and improvements that
will keep your units competitive and insure that they will still be around for many years
to come. This means as an investor you can expect your situation to improve as time
goes by. We have often found that a mediocre investment can turn out to be a good
investment in the long run.

It is important that you give us flexibility to manage your property according to the
expertise our experience has afforded us. The rental market changes constantly, loosely
following the ebbs and flows of the general economy (usually as a lagging indicator). It
is useless to try to control the market. Rather, we need to study the market to understand
what it will bear. Because of the volume of units we manage, we are able to track the
changes occurring in the marketplace. We insist that you allow us to determine market
values and set rent rates.

Investing in rental properties, like any other investment, comes with certain risk. Similar
to other investments, minimizing risk usually reduces profits, while increasing risk offers
the possibility of increased profits. We do our best to minimize your risk while
maximizing your profits. We reduce risk by screening tenants through our application
process. We check their landlord references and civil and criminal records. We
maximize profits by working hard to keep your units occupied. We have learned that
keeping rents slightly below market will often increase overall profits because of reduced

Maintaining a good relationship with our tenants is another way we can reduce risk and
increase profits. We actively endeavor to educate our tenants to be responsible and
forthcoming. We request that they inform us of any maintenance issues with their unit
and we respond in a timely fashion. We demand their respect by our swift adherence to
our policies regarding evictions and fees. We give them respect by understanding their
problems and working with them whenever the situation allows and by advising them of
other financial resources that may be available to them.

If you need clarification or have any concerns regarding our general philosophy of
property management, please do not hesitate to call. We would be happy to meet with
you to discuss these matters further.

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